Bucher Vaslin North American Now Exclusive Representative for Sutter Presses in North America

Bucher Vaslin North America continues to reinforce its wine press business as an exclusive representative for Sutter presses throughout North America.  Bucher Vaslin North America will provide sales, spare parts and service for Sutter presses through its excellent network of dealers, who also represent the full line of Bucher Vaslin equipment.

“We are excited to be able to extend our press offerings to include Sutter wine presses from 25 HL to 90 HL for our customers who prefer the open cage press style,” says Mea Leeman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bucher Vaslin North America.

The Sutter pneumatic grape press has worldwide sales and recognition thanks to its performances, technology and high quality of the musts obtained.  Each press excels at the pressing process, with a large surface of draining and an easy cleaning of the Sutter slotted-cage press.

Bucher Vaslin North America is a subsidiary of Bucher Vaslin SA and Bucher Industries, who acquired the Sutter wine press operations from the Swiss–based Filtrox Group in 2011.  The Sutter line of presses is now fully integrated and manufactured by Bucher Vaslin SA in Chalonnes–sur-Loire, France, who also produce the Bucher, Delta and Flavy equipment brands.